About Wert Construction

Wert Construction is staffed with the top tradesmen in the Tri-State and our experienced crews are each led by a master carpenter. 

Wert Construction has been in business for over twenty years. Our company is staffed with the top tradesmen in the tri-state. Our experienced crews are each led by a master carpenter who has at least 200 kitchen/bathroom installations under their belt.

Experience breeds confidence. Our company has installed over 4800 kitchens and renovated or installed over 800 bathrooms. Our staff has installed more than 20,000 cabinets! We have crews capable of giving a customer a turnkey kitchen or bathroom.

With a vast knowledge of industry standard practices, Wert Construction has developed a reputation of solid, competent craftsmen at and above the highest level of competition.

Wert Construction has adopted the principle that with knowledge, even the most complicated design or installation can be communicated to the client clearly and coherently. We work with our clients and communicate effectively to relive the usual trepidation the homeowner feels upon undertaking a remodeling experience. 

We strive to leave a clean work area every night. 

We team up and communicate with all our clients in order to keep them in the loop before, during and after installation. 

Our main officers are located within Cincinnati, Ohio, and are rich with thoughtful professionals. They can talk the talk with contractors and trades people; or translate ideas into terms that make sense to our clients. 

Each of our tradesmen is equipped with the latest technology to ensure that communication is always fluent and jobs completed to the highest standards. 

Our offices are top of the line; digitally capable. our integrated technology has made our office productive and efficient. 

We look forward to providing to each of our clients that the chose well when they choose Wert Construction. 


Beau J. Wert

CEO, Wert Construction

Why Choose Us?

 Clear Communication

Your house is often one of the most important things in a persons life and we know that you deserve to know everything that is going on in your home. Every step of the process you can expect from us open and clear communication regarding what it is that we are doing, why we are doing it, how long it is going to take and anything else that you may wish to know. 

Quality and Security


Quality and security are at the foundation of the process here at Wert Construction. Every craftsmen has all relevant certifications, are reviewed annually to ensure that they meet the high standards of Wert Construction and has a registered photo ID. Each crew is led by a master craftsman who has at minimum 200 renovations under their belt so you can rest easy knowing that only the best men and women will enter the sanctuary of your home and leave it better than they found it. 


We promise to you that when you choose Wert Construction you are choosing to have only professionals of the highest standards renovate your home. Nationally we ranked FIRST overall out of 1700 companies that do renovations and remodels. We have received hundreds if not thousands of positive reviews from people who commend our clear communication, timely and diligent work, clear cut professionalism and overall good nature.

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